Who is Charming Creature?

This is a research that has puzzled countless people for  
decades: who is the Charming Creature? How old is he 
Exactly? Is he an extraterrestrial species? Does he have 
a gender? Is his weakness really beautiful flowers? 

It is reported that the earliest recorded appearance of 
the Charming Creature was in a disco bar in the 1980s. 
People from that time don’t remember the details well, 
but they only recalled one thing: he was truly elegant. 

There is an artist and a designer, both of whom hear
rumors about the mysterious figure known as Char-
ming Creature from different sources.

Initially, they don't take it seriously, but gradually,
the curiosity of the painter and designer intensifies.
It seems as if there is a mysterious force compelling
them to uncover the truth behind Charming Creature.

So, they make a decision – no matter the hardships
they might face, they are determined to find Charming
Creature and personally validate the legend with their
own eyes.

The artist and the designer are beginning to search for
traces of Charming Creature in every corner of the world.

The adventure is both crazy and romantic: they risk be-
coming pawns, defeat chess soldiers; they escape the
pursuit of venomous snakes guarding flowers; they cross
vast oceans; they tame the agile Himalayan giant cat.

Finally, they board a train at the sky-bound station, said to
lead to the Charming Creature. Many times, even without
seeing it with their own eyes, they can still feel the presence
of Charming Creature.

They cross mountains and valleys, searching for
traces of the charming creature among various
mysterious clues. Finally, in a flea market, they
discover an aged travelogue. On one page, it
describes in a deserted desert, every full moon
night, when someone walks towards the moon,
the face of the charming creature will be revealed.
Below is a line of note: the walk must be charming.

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